Thermal Cameras

infra red cctv captureInfrared/thermal cameras were originally developed for military applications to enable better night time capabilities.  Since then thermal infrared cameras have been utilised by many agencies and industries for their security/surveillance requirements.

Thermal cameras differ from conventional cameras as they produce images not from light, but from the energy generated by heat, enabling imaging capability without lights or illuminators.  As thermal energy penetrates atmospheric obscurants more effectively than light, it allows identification of objects/intruders through smoke, dust and the effects of bad weather such as fog.

Though thermal cameras in the large are more expensive than standard day/night cameras, they can also be used as a very cost effective solution.  For example, when large areas require surveillance where no night time lighting is present – installing additional floodlighting is not required.

In summary; thermal infrared cameras will improve your security camera network by giving you the power to see threats invisible to the naked eye - turning night into day.