iAlert Autonomous Sureillance Analytics System

The Pivotal Vision iAlert Solution for Security

The Pivotal Vision iAlert Intelligent Surveillance System is a tool to provide operational efficiency for security organizations by employing automation. Efficiency gains increase significantly for large scale, geographically spread out operations.

The PV iAlert Intelligent Surveillance System is an IP-based automation platform that offers superior analytics capabilities with detection plus validation of intrusion. Serving as a powerful security tool, the PV iAlert system automates the monitoring of critical infrastructure assets to minimize the number of personnel needed for surveillance.

The PV iAlert system performs indoor and outdoor detection, for various security scenarios, including autonomously tracking a person/vehicle with a Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) camera. This is all possible because of the iALert Geospatial Processor and adaptive analytics engine, which identifies real life size, speed, trajectory and distance in a 3D- model that plots the object on a map on the command center monitors.



  • Autonomous PTZ tracking - motion tracking with moving camera and moving background
  • Motion detection with fixed or PTZ cameras
  • Both analog and IP cameras campatible
  • Automated guard tours - areas defined by GPS coodinates
  • Detects motion and alert by exception
  • Monitors motion outside defined areas but holds alarms
  • Plots trajectory of intrusion
  • Validated motion mvents only originates once the IVA has learned the background and has verified what objects the user has defined the system to track and alert on in a particular zone
  • Autonomous object classification


Adaptive-logicADAPTIVE LOGIC

  • Background logic to reject repetitive motion in the background, lighting changes and adverse environmental conditions
  • Camera perspective logic— the iAlert system can identify object size, speed, location and current trajectory
  • Correlates detected motion in multiple cameras as a single object






 geospatial-processorGEOSPATIAL PROCESSOR

  • Sites are laid out in 3-D coordinates
  • Plots trajectory on GPS map
  • Seamless camera hand-offs
  • Unlimited zoning capability
  • Monitors motion outside defined areas but holds alarms






 iAlet-remote-console-softwareiAlert Remote Console (RC) Software

  • Remote viewing, control, and  configuration
  • Single point of access to global network of sites
  • System and user access control configuration
  • Drag-and-drop configuration interface for scheduled and event-based system automation
  • Camera portal windows automatically switchs video streams to cameras streams with recent activity






Interactive-geospatial-displayINTERACTIVE GEOSPATIAL DISPLAY

  • The Skyview Map feature allows the creation of on-screen site overview e.g. floor plans, ground-plans, critical infrastructure layouts or aerial photos with plotted objects
  • The iAlert System turns a site map into interactive display that allows security personnel to view and analyze information from all of cameras across the site, security personnel can easily identify cameras, the location it is viewing, name, and the path of the object the system is tracking
  • For each camera, a user has the ability to select geospatially where they would like the camera to be centered by simple mouse click on the map