VEGAWEBVegaWeb is designed to provide a plug and play monitoring solution for both Vega and other manufacturers navigation lights. Vegaweb is an internet based monitoring system and data is communicated using GSM or CDMA cellular networks or by the Orbcomm Satellite System.

Two models of Vegaweb are available. The Mini VegaWeb is designed for use with LED beacons. The Large VegaWeb is designed for use with PEL Sector lights or rotating beacons or other applications requiring a higher amount of digital or analogue interface.

The VegaWeb outstation provides the digital and analogue inputs to allow various aspects of the navigation equpiment and other auxiliary items to be monitored. The outputs from VegaWeb can provide remote control or a control action resulting from an alarm or other input condition.

Alarm notification is provided by SMS mobile phone messaging and email. On demand control is available from the web server or by SMS messaging from a mobile phone. The Mini Vegaweb unit can also operate as a SMS status/alarm unit without the need to connect to the internet web server.