PEL-3 & PEL-6A PEL Sector Light displays a different colour when viewed from different angles at sea.  Very sharp colour boundaries – a complete colour change typically occurs within 1 minute of arc with optional oscillating boundary, the signal alternates between two colours in proportion to the distance across the sector.  This provides visual information to your position in the sector.

PEL Sector Lights indicate the precise vessel position in confined waterways.  They are used in situations where extreme accuracy is required, or where only a single station is possible for a lead light.  Each light is custom-configured for its site.  Range up to 6NM by day and 24NM by night from a PEL-6; horizontal divergence from 3.5° to 20°.

PEL-6 is designed primarily for day and night use, and PEL-3 for night use.








Shiplift leading light at Techport's Common User Facility
Tech Port Shiplifter - Remote Site 013CA Protection, under the banner of Dematec Automation, designed, installed, and commissioned a Vega Leading Light arrangement of two PEL-3 sector lights for guiding vessels into the Common User Facility Shiplift (the largest shiplift in the southern hemisphere) in Port Adelaide, South Australia.  The Leading Light tower is located on Torrens Island, directly across the Port River from the Common User Facility Shiplift.  A solar powered control system with radio telemetry link is used to control and monitor the Leading Light from the Common User Facility SCADA system.