VLB-36The VLB-36 is Vega’s medium range LED beacon covering 4-7NM at 0.74T. The beacon is available as a standalone unit or as a complete self contained beacon with solar panels and battery. They are 4 different solar/battery options available to enable the VLB-36 to be used for different geographical location, range, flash character, and duty cycle. The standard VLB-36 beacon is available with a 7° and 10° vertical divergence. Web based selection tool available. Variants of the VLB-36 design include:

  • A wreck light to IALA recommendation O-133 range 4NM at 0.74T
  • An obstacle light that meets ICAO aviation type A & B requirements. It is also useful as a bridge marking light.

Third party tested to US Coast Guard specifi cation 502 and 503, including shock, vibration and EMI susceptibility. Approved for use as Class A, B, and C lights for artificial island and structures in USCG 8th District under CFR 33 Part 67.