vektraImmediately after an emergency situation occurs, activities are performed on the basis of a default scenario at the appropriate notification and warning centres. The VEKTRA software package was developed in order to support and provide our clients with an overall solution. It forms the interface between the operators and the technology they work with. Thanks to long-term cooperation with their existing customers (worldwide), the VEKTRA system is optimised so the user interface is easy to work with even in the most stressful emergency situations. The software itself guides you through the steps to be taken and maximizes the automation of all the routines operators execute once an emergency situation is notified enabling them to focus on the most critical activities.  


Core modules of the VEKTRA software

VEKTRA Warning

The VEKTRA Varovanie software application enables full control of the warning systems and provides various methods of activating such systems.

VEKTRA Notification

This is designed to fully automate the notification process when an emergency situation occurs - calling crisis management teams, emergency committees and others via phone, facsimile and email.

VEKTRA Monitoring

This processes and evaluates data from different sensors, and if the admissible values are exceeded it informs the operators and activates processes in the VEKTRA Varovanie and Vyrozumenie software modules.

VEKTRA Recording

This records phone and radio communication at the notification and warning centres and it contains tools for subsequent analysis.


Profession-based superstructure modules of the VEKTRA software

The profession-based superstructure modules of the VEKTRA software integrate the functionalities of core modules and processes depending on the type of the notification and warning centre, thereby creating optimized applications for the particular application area:

  • VEKTRA - Civil Defence;
  • VEKTRA - Fire Fighting;
  • VEKTRA - Nuclear Power Plants;
  • VEKTRA – Hydroelectric Dams;
  • VEKTRA - Chemical Enterprises;
  • VEKTRA - Metallurgical and Steel-Making Enterprises;
  • VEKTRA - Municipalities;

The architecture of both the basic and the superstructure modules is modular providing extensive configuration and customization options for adjusting to the processes at the particular notification and warning centre.

Related hardware equipment

The core VEKTRA Vyrozumenie and VEKTRA Záznam modules form the basis for independent products, namely HERMES and MEMO. They represent independently applicable and configurable equipment used to support potential dispatching activities at locations that are not notification and warning dispatching centres and can be used to make these activities more effective. Other dispatching centres are for instance police headquarters, industrial, water, gas and power industry dispatch centres etc.


VEKTRA - Warning

The VEKTRA Warning module enables full control of warning systems and provides various methods of activating such systems.

All warning systems, and especially electronic sirens, represent devices that are used infrequently. Yet, when used one must be sure that they are functioning, including the communications channels used to operate such equipment. That is the reason why all modern sirens provide detailed information on the status of their individual components. The Varovanie module continuously communicates with the warning systems, gathering and evaluating their status information. If any failure is discovered the module informs the operators of the required service action.

Another core functionality of the Varovanie module is warning system activation. The module provides a wide range of options for warning system activation - separate activation, activation of default groups and of dynamically formed groups just before such activation, e.g. by marking the desired area on a terrain layout. The display section of the module has an integrated GIS environment, which is capable of both displaying terrain and various other layouts, and this allows activities connected to emergency notification more effective, for instance via a visual display of the threatened areas depending on the threat type, a visual display of the acoustic siren coverage etc. 

The third core functionality is communication channel monitoring. Not only the terminal elements of the warning systems (sirens, central offices, beacons…) but also the communication channels designated for such elements, as well as additional related infrastructure all have to be functioning. The software is equipped with a wide range of functionalities related to monitoring of the entire radio network infrastructure. It monitors the status of individual devices - communication units, radio modems, aerial systems and the status of the radio channel itself.


VEKTRA Notification

The VEKTRA Notification module has been developed in order to automate the notification of particular people, whether individuals or legal entities in the immediate aftermath of an accident. The notification is carried out either in order to inform such entities, in order to enable them to take their own actions or in order to gather people at the workplace (crisis management teams, crisis committees etc.).

The Notification module supports the following notification channels:

  • Mobile phone;
  • Fixed phone line;
  • Facsimile;
  • Email;

The installed software is capable of predefining various types of emergency events and subsequent assignment of people to be notified and the channels to use to complete this notification. The module is equipped with advanced configuration options and can account for different time availability in terms of the people to be contacted. It enables the most demanding notification process to be completed, i.e. manual calls, sending text messages, faxes and emails by only few mouse clicks. Operators get the feedback on the result of the notification process. The entire process can also be initiated automatically on the basis of Monitoring module information.

The Notification module can be used separately or as an integral part of the HERMES notification system.


VEKTRA Monitoring

The VEKTRA Monitoring module has been developed to process and evaluate data from different sensors, and if the admissible values are exceeded, to inform operators and to activate the processes in the Varovanie and Vyrozumenie modules. It is technically feasible to activate sirens in the Varovanie module as follows:

  • Automatically;
  • Automatically with interruptions;
  • Manually;

Automatic activation is performed based on information from the Monitoring module and it activates a group of sirens corresponding with the discovered threat. When activating the sirens in automatic mode with interruptions the operators shall be informed first. They can then cancel the process of siren activation within a predefined interval. When the sirens are activated manually, the operators are only informed about the emergency situation and they must then carry out activation manually.

The Monitoring module also provides information for the Vyrozumenie module in the same manner. On the basis of this information it is possible to activate a similar notification of different groups of people using various communication channels, as predefined in the scenarios.

Options contained in the Warning and Notification modules can be combined in different ways based on information from the Monitoring module. The activation of the sirens and the notification of people can be divided into several steps in order to avoid false alarms. If, for instance, a certain content of a hazardous material is signalled by the Monitoring module it is possible a) to send a text message, b) to automatically make a phone call to remote operators using the Vyrozumenie module or c) to activate a “gong” notification on the sirens. When the hazardous material in question exceeds the next threshold value defined, the sirens will transmit a real alarm notification via the Varovanie module and the Vyrozumenie module will start to call in the emergency committee.

The Monitoring module can be configured in such a manner as to enable it to cover all the requests for processes carried out at warning and notification centres’ central offices. In addition it can be used separately or, when combined with the Regulácia module, in other types of applications such as water, gas, power or other industrial monitoring and management systems. 


VEKTRA Recording

These days recordings of all the voice communication, i.e. phone, radio, electronic communication and everyday conversations have become a standard request from warning and notification centres and other dispatching centres’ administrators. It is connected to the ability to perform analysis of the emergency activity procedure in the future. For this purpose the VEKTRA Recording software module has been developed. The module is capable of recording phone, radio and electronic communication and subsequent analysis of such communication.

The module can be applied separately or as an integral part of the MEMO recording unit.