Tibor Electronic Sirens

Tibor sirenTIBOR is a wireless sound distribution and warning system (public address system) with state-of-the-art technical and acoustic parameters. It is mainly used for distributing sounds in public areas and interiors if, for some reason, normal heard wired control is not possible or practical.

Thanks to its scalability it is convenient for both small municipalities and large urban areas. It is also convenient for industrial companies, airports and sports centres. In addition it was designed as a part of the MDSA 21 warning system and can be connected to PAVIÁN and GIBON electronic sirens, AMADEO and JOHAN public address system radio units and other components of the given infrastructure.

The system can also be connected to other systems such as fire alarm or warning systems, cable television, various sensors (e.g. used for air monitoring) or some other types of public address systems.


Main functions and properties

It broadcasts common notifications or warning signals in both interior and exterior areas from the following sources:

  • Direct input from a local control unit’s microphone;
  • Input from a supervisory computer via Vektra application software;
  • Information from third party monitoring and control systems – SCADA systems, EZS, EPS etc. using Vektra software;
  • Information from computer IP networks via Vektra software;
  • Direct input from other communication systems – mobile phones, fixed phone lines, radio stations, VHF radio, satellite communication systems, etc.