Notification and Warning Sirens


CA Protection’s electronic sirens are high-performance sound signal electronic amplifiers just like those in home sound systems. However, these sirens work with substantially higher outputs and are primarily used for extreme situations where evacuation or warning alarms required to notify the local population.  The loudspeakers for these amplifiers are placed in specially-designed sound baffles which play the signals stored in either the siren’s internal digital memory or signals fed to the siren from external sources such as microphones, phones, radio stations, common radio and television broadcasting,  The many benefits of our siren systems include the ability to be used be in remote locations (solar powered solutions can be provided), connect multiple alarms together to create a single system solution, automated testing functionality, multiple control redundancy options and to be able to play audio files or be used for live broadcasting at events.  Our comprehensive range of products are designed and built to meet the most demanding of applications and are currently used worldwide for various public address, warning and evacuation applications.


Key products: