Gibon Electronic Sirens

GibonThe GIBON electronic siren, available at an optimal price, provides high-quality sound distribution in the threatened area. It is mainly designed as separate, locally-controlled warning equipment. However, it can be also used for creating simple warning systems.

With the GIBON system it is possible to form arrangements with outputs from 300 W to 1200 W.

 The main features of the GIBON system include;

  • Sound recording playback from digital memory (SD card) in WAW, MP3 format;
  • Playback from combinations of different sound recordings;
  • Ability to connect local audio signal inputs, including a local microphone or other local signal sources;
  • Galvanically separate class “D” amplifiers with up to 90% power efficiency;
  • Local activation capability;
  • Power supply from maintenance-free batteries;
  • 8 programmable digital/analogue inputs;
  • An RS232 port;
  • A steel box;
  • Durable sound baffles made of a lightweight aluminium alloy;