img 0391 2Vega Industries, the world class leader in aids-to navigation lights and beacons, specialising in optical, electronic and electro-mechanical solutions.

Vega navigational lights have been used mostly for the guidance of ships. Since its establishment in 1972 Vega has developed many types of signal lights. These have all made a significant contribution to transport safety in many parts of the world.

Vega continues to be an innovative, technology driven, global designer & manufacturer of high-performance visual signal lights; focused on marine aids-to-navigation.
All Vega lights are machined from marine alloys to provide strength, dimensional stability and heat conduction for cooling. There is also an assembly and testing area for electronic and optical systems, including two computerized zero-length photometry facilities and an environmental chamber for testing extremes of temperature and humidity.

Vega’s reputation for precision, quality and robust products was proven when in 1991, they were the only New Zealand company awarded a “design and build” contract to supply Signalling Searchlights aboard the ANZAC frigate fleet for the Australian and New Zealand Navies.

Vega maintains ISO 9001:2008 Quality System certification for design and manufacture of all its products.

Vega is an Industrial Member of the International Association of Marine Aids to Navigation and Lighthouse Authorities.

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