telegrafia warning sirensTelegrafia is a designer and manufacturer of audible products and solutions for emergency warning, evacuation and notification systems. The main product lines are comprised of electronic sirens and public address systems such as the PAVIAN, SCREAMER, AMADEO and TIBOR. These coupled with the VEKTRA software control system, enable Telegrafia to offer a full and comprehensive solution.

The many benefits of the Telegrafia system include the ability to be used be in remote locations (solar powered solutions can be provided), connect multiple alarms together to create a single system solution, automated testing functionality, multiple control redundancy options with the added flexibility to be able to play audio files or be used for live broadcasting at events.

The full Telegrafia range of products are designed and built to meet the most demanding of applications and are currently used worldwide for various public address, warning and evacuation applications.



A few of the existing worldwide installations:

  • The SEHIS, a national warning and notification system, Slovakia
  • City warning system used for the city of Dresden, Germany
  • Regional warning system, Brisbane, Australia
  • The Tsunami and Tornado early warning system, French Polynesian islands
  • EBO V2 Bohunice Nuclear Power Plant Warning System, Slovakia
  • Natural disaster warning system, New Caledonia


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