Pivotal Vision Security monitoring Surveillance Solutions

cctv-stationPivotal Vision is the leading provider of autonomous surveillance solutions which offers a comprehensive and fully autonomous security and maintenance solution for our client’s critical assets and infrastructure.

The Pivotal Vision iAlert system is powered by its proprietary Adaptive Video Analytics Engine with geospatial technology. The Adaptive Analytics Engine enables the system to independently apply adaptive logic to reject repetitive motion in the background, lighting changes and adverse environmental conditions. Additionally the geospatial technology enables True autonomous PTZ tracking.

In addition to the iAlert system, Pivotal Vision can also work seamlessly with CA Protection's Therm-View Thermographic system. The Therm-View system can autonomously monitor temperatures of objects at hundreds of sites, report and instantly alarms if an object is out of the users defined range.

For more information on Pivitol Vision please visit http://www.pivotal-vision.com/